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-Philippians 4:8

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"We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this studio. The instructors are wonderful and the kids learn while still having fun. We won't dance anywhere else!!"


"In speaking with other Christian moms about where to take their kids to dance I've heard time and again, "I just don't want to sacrifice excellence in my child's dance instruction just to be in a Christian dance school!" Well, at Joyful Soles you don't have to compromise one for the other. At Joyful Soles, you’ll find a fusion of excellence and Christian perspective. I'm continually impressed by the caliber of teachers and their excellence and credentials.They are tough, knowledgeable, and creative in their vocabulary, choreography and instruction. My children have grown in skill and confidence and are weekly enriched and challenged by their instructors. To me, the heart of joyful soles, Miss Tami is the glue of love and excellence combined. You'll be hard pressed to find a place that cares more for your dancer’s heart, their walk, their knowledge of who they are in Christ: beautifully and wonderfully made... and yearly achieve new heights in their dance experience and repertoire."


"Joyful Soles Dance has been a part of our lives since 2012. My daughter started dancing for something fun to do one summer, and is now taking multiple classes and loves her time there. My son was so excited when he was old enough to dance too, he takes hip-hop, jazz and Irish dancing. When the theatre program started in 2014 they started that as well. My kids have gained confidence and skills, and love dancing, singing and acting in a safe, clean, loving atmosphere."


"Joyful Soles is a hidden gem in Littleton. The teachers are top quality and patient to work with any level student. They instill a love of dance in their students without the competitive atmosphere found in many other studios. My daughters have learned so much after only one year, are excited to try new dances, and always feel Joyful Soles is a safe place to grow dance-wise and emotionally. The owner, Miss Tami, is gracious in all she does and truly runs the studio in a 1 Corinthians 16:14 way: 'Do everything in love.'"

Sarah - Shine as the stars in the universe! -Philippians 2:15

"My daughter loves Joyful Soles and so do I. She's learning dance from great role models and their emphasis on Christian values just makes it the perfect combination. Their spring productions are very well-done and everyone participates. It's a fantastic place!"


"We absolutely love Joyful Soles! My older girls starting attending 5 years ago and my middle daughter has enjoyed Irish Step Dance, Ballet, Jazz and Hip Hop. Our youngest, now four, loves their "Mustard Seeds" class that combines ballet, tap, jazz and basic tumbling into a wonderful, fun time. Their productions each year are amazing, combining all ages and classes into one cool performance! Not only do the girls get dance experience and lessons, but the older ones love to help with set crew, etc. We love the Christian values in the music and dance; the girls love having a blast working out each week."


"My daughter has been loving Joyful Soles for 3+ years now! She took a class at the rec center one year but felt left out and left behind. As soon as that class ended, I called Miss Tami and she was so warm and welcoming to my daughter and made sure she was placed where she needed to be. We love being part of the Joyful Soles family."


"Joyful Soles is my favorite Dance school I've ever danced at! Everybody is very kind and sweet! I love the teachers' technique and how they make it challenging and fun! That is why I love it so much!! ~ student Miss Ansley (Age 10) I cannot say enough good things about this program. My children are part of the homeschool theatre and it is amazing! From the costumes to the teachers, I couldn't ask for more!"


"This is such a wonderful place for kids where they can learn the art of dance in great environment."


"Joyful Soles is a wonderful dance studio that develops both dance AND character. The owner, Ms. Tami, exudes kindness and joy. She is very easy to work with and will go to great lengths to make sure your dancer is enjoying & thriving in dance. She cares about each individual dancer. She encourages the dancers in their faith. The studio puts on very professional productions that are very family friendly and positive. I highly recommend this studio."


"Both of my girls (ages 5 and 3) have LOVED learning dance from Ms. Tami! We have been coming for 3 years. Ms. Tami makes dance class so fun, while teaching these little ones so much - all in a loving, caring environment. We love this studio!"